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Along the south east coast of the Firth of Forth, in the beautiful seaside town of North Berwick, in Bonnie Scotland, the sauce making story began.

Our family sauce business specialises in homemade, healthy and tasty recipes to be enjoyed by all ages locally to worldwide, with all types of food. Our secret family recipes are made with the same sense of honour and tradition through the generations, with the highest standards of hygiene, respecting all diets, with the privilege of supplying our sauces using fresh local quality produce that were enjoyed by the sauces first makers.

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Great Auntie Teen and Robert Millar

Great Auntie Teen, whose husband was Robert (Bob) Millar PGA, a North Berwick professional golfer in Kalamazoo Michigan Milham Park golf club.

Through out the years many guests enjoyed my Great Aunt’s “Special Sauce”.

Jessy Owens Golfing

Jesse Owens, & Ralph Metcalf the African american athletes who Hitler refused to give their deserved Gold medals to in the Olympics; Here with Mum and Great Uncle Bob at the Sara Bay golf club in Florida

Kalamazoo Golf Hall of Fame Article

This mystical, harmonious, morale boosting atmosphere can be experienced by your family and friends as Mrs Monty’s Sauce Company specialise in homemade recipes along with the arrangement of unique individual or group food experiences, at any location you wish

Sharing our quality sauce with family and friends, this has lead us to meeting legendary characters, e.g. Ben Hogan, Jessy Owens, Bobby Jones, Ralph Metcalf, and gained us access to special events around the world, from Michigan; Milham Golf Club, Florida; Sara Bay Country Club, as well as Great Britions golf and entertainment venues

Our world travelled generations are always grateful of all the friendships new and old

Mrs Monty’s

“Special Everyday Sauce”

 Mrs Monty’s popular menu delights;

Gourmet; Pork ribs, Pulled pork, Chicken drums sticks, Steak sandwich, Beef/venison/veggie burgers, dipping sauce for; sausages, carrots, cucumber, chips, French fries, pies, sweet potato chips, etc.

This Special Everyday sauce is gluten free, with no allergens & vegetarian friendly.

 Our “Special Everyday Sauce” provides a “Finger Licking great experience” helping creating harmonious atmospheres.

We can supply our sauce in any quantity for your private functions, celebrations, fun events or family parties.

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“Why does this amazing sauce lift so high the human spirit and create some of our happiest memories in harmonious atmospheres with fun filled laughter?”

This very question has been the discussion of many a mouth-watering fireside debate.

As many right answers exist as there are individuals – be they Kings of sport, Queens of our hearts or punctual paperboys, the overall enjoyment is “delicious”

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